Primrose Farm Estates

The letter following the “Read More” was written by the Harding Open Space Trust and Harding Land Trust and represents their position regarding the acquisition of Primrose Preserve. In keeping with our mission for an informed citizenry, we felt it was fitting to put it in the Open Space section of our website. The Township Committee will vote on Wed, July 13 whether or not to fund the purchase of Primrose Preserve. When you read the letter you will see that there is a feeling that it will not be funded, however we have not received the Township Committee’s position or any opposing point of view. There will be a Special Joint Meeting of HOST and the Environmental Commission on Monday, July 11, at 7:30 in Kirby Hall. Primrose Preserve will be among the items of discussion. If you have an interest in this we would urge you to come out and hear more.