Wildflower Meadow at Primrose Farm

Harding Land Trust (HLT) is pleased to report that the Wildflower Meadow at Primrose Farm is progressing nicely, in year two of this multi-year effort. Last fall’s seeding is showing positive signs throughout the meadow, as we work to establish a dynamic and compelling natural landscape. In the meantime, Primrose Farm hiking trails are open and accessible from the Barrett Field parking lot. Keep an eye out for bluebirds attending to the boxes at the meadow edges.

In addition, this past month HLT’s Community Outreach Chair, Sarah Conine was invited to the Fourth-grade classroom at the Harding School to discuss the importance of land conservation in Harding Township. She encouraged all students to get outdoors and become involved with the environment and their community. The students were invited to hike the Gatehouse trail to discover just what makes this property an important destination in Harding Township!

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