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Board of Education January 2017


Board of Education Meeting – 7:00pm, Monday January 9, 2017

Board Budget.   Superintendent Matt Spelker presented the preliminary 2017/2018 Harding Township school operating budget.   The Superintendent stated three guidelines for the budget

1) With the exception of union contractual obligations, the budget process is zero-based

2) Current 2016-2017 spending patterns are analyzed for trends

3) Budget projections are made for up to 18 months in the future


Stated as major factors in the budget process, and that introduce uncertainties in both revenue and expenses, include enrollment (a net increase of 11 students occurred in enrollment in 2016-2017), health care costs (preliminary health premium increase of 10%-12% estimated), costs for out-of-district placement for special education students (preliminary estimated 4%-6% increase), maintenance needs (HVAC needs for the elementary building delayed from last year due to high bids received), curriculum enhancements, tuition students (current income from tuition-paying students is about $80K), and state aid ($238K in 2016-2017).     Another large uncertainty is the faculty union contract, which is under current negotiation. 


In response to a question from the Thumbnail reporter, the Superintended and board president, Davor Gjivoje, noted that the Board Facilities and Finance Committee would be discussing the several school finance state aid proposals that have been made by the Governor and legislators.   The Board would discuss the implications of these for Harding at a future Board meeting.


The Superintendent summarized the preliminary budget by stating that the 2016-2017 budget might increase by about 2% over the 2016-2017 budget of $11.4M.   For reference, there was a 2.9% increase for the 2016-2017 budget over that for 2015-2016.


Budget schedule: (a) Preliminary budget II on March 13; (b) Tentative budget approved by Board and submitted to County Superintendent in March (date not specified); (c) Public hearing on budget on April 24.


The Superintendent’s slide presentation is posted on the school web site: hardingtwp.org

Superintendent Report. Superintendent Spelker reported that he continued with his contacts with the Madison school administration, meeting with interim Superintendent Noonan on January 3.


Harding students placed 5th out of 85 NJ schools participating in the Future Cities competition (“The Power of Public Space”) on January 14 at the Livingston campus of Rutgers University (http://futurecity.org/new-jersey).   The 8 participating students will present their work at the February 27 Board meeting.


Superintendent Spelker announced that the annual Harding science fair would be held on February 7.   The school play will be held on March 18-19.


Facilities and Finance.   The Board approved a contract for nursing services for a special education out of district placement with Bayada Home Health Care for $300/day for a six-hour day through June 30, 2017, with a termination clause of thirty days notice.


Madison Report.   Abi Singh, Board representative to the Madison Board of Education, reported that the Madison superintendent search was on-going.    He also reported that the Madison STEM enhancements were on track for completion in August.   There are upgrades for the Madison junior school and a new STEM addition for the high school.   The funding comes from the sale of the Madison Board property on Green Village Road.


Executive Session.  The Board entered into executive session to discuss the status of negotiations with the Harding Township Education Association union. No actions were to be taken.


Board of Education Meeting Highlights: February 6, 2017

Board Business.   Board president and chair of the Policy Committee Davor Gjivoje guided the Board and the public in attendance in an extensive and lengthy first reading of 45 Board Bylaws, Policies, and Regulations that require changes, modifications, and/or introduction for 2017.  A large majority of these are required by state legislative mandates.   Others are Board responsibilities in the context of effective school oversight and administration.  More than 15 mandated policies are in categories related to health, affirmative action, and student assessment.   A new mandated policy controls the use of drones over public school property.   Another mandated policy relates to professional development for teachers and school leaders, aligning the development to mandated professional standards.   A Bylaw on recording of Board meetings was revised.  The Board also proposes to change slightly its policy on public participation at meetings by giving the presiding officer (usually the president) the option at the president’s discretion to extend an individual public comment beyond the current 5-minute limit.   This policy change will provide for the Board to engage in even more constructive discussion with the public. 


The Bylaws, Policies, and Regulations are posted on the Board website: hardingtwp.org.  

The second reading and passage will occur at the February 27th meeting.


The Board also heard and engaged in a lengthy discussion of school board ethics, led by the Board’s legal counsel Marc Zitomer.   The New Jersey Code requires a Board to discuss annually school ethics, but does not specify how such discussion should occur.   The Harding Board opts for transparency purposes to have such a yearly discussion in public and in depth.   Mr. Zitomer led the discussion of both sections of the School Ethics Act: Section 1 – Conflicts of Interest, and Section 2 – Code of Ethics (which relates to Board conduct and leadership of the school).   Copies of Mr. Zitomer’s slides are available from the Board office. 


Superintendent Report. Superintendent Matt Spelker reported that he continued with his articulation sessions with the Madison school administration, meeting again with interim Madison Superintendent Noonan on January 31st.   Among other items discussed was the synchronization of the calendars of the two schools.    Superintendent Spelker also reported that the Madison High School Principal and the Junior High School Principal met on January 20 in Harding with Harding school Principal Mary Donohue.


Superintendent Spelker proudly announced that the Harding girls’ basketball team had finished in second place in the championship tournament held in Whippany on February 4th.   He reported that the stands were filled with cheering Harding students, parents, and teachers.


The school play will be held on March 17-19 in the Sellitto gymnasium.

The next tentative school budget will be presented to the public at the March 13th Board meeting.  


Curriculum and Instruction.   Committee member Richard Bruno reported that work was in progress for the roll out in September of the elementary school NextGen science standards.  

http://www.nextgenscience.org/new-jersey and accompanying links

These standards are hands-on and laboratory-based.   Currently, the Harding elementary school devotes three 40-minute periods a week to science instruction.


Facilities and Finance.   The Board approved unanimously the January 2017 bill list in the amount of $946,774.13.


Science Fair.   The Harding Science Fair was held the evening following the Board meeting, February 7.   Some 130 students K-8 were involved, more than one third of the student body.   The students participated individually or as two-person teams.   All of the student participants appeared to be enthusiastic about their intellectual and hands-on opportunities to develop hypotheses, experimental procedures, and understanding of the world of biology, physical sciences, and engineering.     Non-Harding science teachers and researchers judged the projects of participants in grades 5-6 and 7-8.   


Grades 5-6

1st Place:       Sophia Nguyen         Training a guinea pig through a maze

2nd Place       Vedran Gjivoje         Comparing liquids for evaporation rate

3rd Place        Erin Barisonek         How music can impact memory


Grades 7-8

1st Place        Olivia and Grace

                   DiRienzo                 Corrosiveness of types of soda on coins

2nd Place       Maya Tahl               Hydraulic lift model

3rd Place        Lily Barisonek Effects of various beverages on teeth


(Note: the purpose of this brief report is to help Harding residents connect with the School by highlighting significant items addressed by the Board and are not “meeting minutes”. Those are filed by the Board Secretary and placed on the Harding School website for all to view, generally about a month after the meeting date.)



Board of Education December 2016


Board of Education Meeting Highlights: December 12, 2016

This meeting was held at the earlier time of 6pm in order to allow all

present to attend the Harding Municipal Building open house tour

showcasing the recent upgrades to the facility which commenced at 7:30,

the usual time for the Board of Education meeting.

This was Dr Howard Kotkin’s final Board meeting, having served with

distinction for the last two years. Accordingly, he was recognized by the

Superintendent and the Board President for his outstanding service. A

plaque showing the school sign and the citation was presented, along with

many eloquent and heartfelt words of appreciation. He will be replaced

this January by newly elected Mr. Bruno, who was in the audience.

It was reported that the recently held Pancake Breakfast fundraiser was

exceptionally well attended.

A grant application submitted at the initiative of the Business

Administrator was awarded by the No Child Left Behind program which will

fund a new teaching position for the Leveled Learning Intervention

Program, a value to the District of about $40,000.

The Board also approved “a day of service” whereby the students would

participate in various volunteer service opportunities. Although this had

always been done on an ad hoc basis in the past, this year the school is

implementing a comprehensive, coordinated and school-wide effort,

developed by the School’s Principal/Director of Curriculum, Ms. Mary

Donohue. The assignments are as follows:

Grade 2 – Cora Hartshorn Arboretum, Short Hills

Grade 3 – Grow it Green, Morristown

Grades 4 & 5 – PG Chambers School, Cedar Knolls

Grade 6 – Community Soup Kitchen

Grades 7 & 8 – Community Food Bank, Hillside

Meeting Highlights: Meeting November 28,2016

Exemplary Elementary Educator. Jennifer Baldassari, Middle School

Language Arts teacher was honored by the New Jersey Department of

Education as a 2016 Exemplary Elementary Educator. The Harding Board

of Education honored Mrs. Baldassari at its meeting with a unanimous

Motion that recognized her “ability to inspire students of all backgrounds

and abilities to learn, for her clear vision of quality teaching and learning,

and for her strong educational knowledge and skill.” Superintendent Matt

Spelker presented her with the State Department of Education Certificate

for this significant honor. In attendance at the meeting honoring Mrs.

Baldassari were her husband and two children, many Harding faculty, and a

number of parents including the President of the Harding PTO Cathleen


Facilities and Finance. The school auditor, Mr. Tim Vrabel of TMVrabel

Associates (school auditor since 2008), presented, and the Board accepted,

the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report for the fiscal year ending 30

June 2016. There were no Recommendations arising from the audit. Of

particular interest to the Board and public was that the capital reserve at

$471K remains very solid.

Facilities and Finance Committee chair Howard Kotkin reported that

preliminary budget work for the 2017-2018 fiscal year was beginning. The

Committee is also revising the facilities plan.

Personnel and Management. Committee chair Kim Macaulay reported

that preparations are underway for faculty contract negotiations.

Superintendent Report. Superintendent Matt Spelker reported that he

was continuing articulation sessions with the Madison Superintendent, with

the most recent occurring on 17 November. These will continue with the

Madison Interim Superintendent once that person has been selected,

following the departure on 30 November of the current superintendent for

the Sparta school district.

Mr. Spelker also reported that a joint Harding school/Harding Township

Health Officer discussion on the opioid problem is scheduled for 5

December. The Township now contracts its Health Officer from the Morris

County Health Department.

Executive Session. The Board entered into Executive Session to discuss

(a) Madison personnel and (b) Harding faculty contract negotiations.

Board of Education Meeting Highlights: November 14, 2016

Sometimes it just happens that a number of good things about our District

come to light at the same time, helping us realize just how excellent our

schools and their people really are. And this was the situation at this


First, the Principal presented the Teacher Mentoring Plan whereby each

new teacher in our District is assigned a Mentor who interacts to provide

insight and guidance of how things are at Harding – a valuable experience

of support and encouragement. This program has been well received and

contributes to the high spirit and camaraderie of the faculty.

Second, Andrew Novotny, a Harding alumni and now a Senior at Madison

High, presented his Eagle Scout Project which was to establish an “Outdoor

Learning Pavilion” on the Harding school grounds so that science students

can spend more time outdoors in real contact with the actual material of

their study. This project was quite involved as building permits, plans,

materials, and coordination were needed to really make this happen.

Presently, all seems on track for groundbreaking in early January. Andrew

developed this project as a way of “giving back” to his school and

community – making everyone present feel quite proud.

Next, it was reported that the Harding Township Board of Education was

awarded the Carol E. Larson "Master Board" certification by the New Jersey

School Boards Association. During the course of the ten years that this

award has been in place, only 13 Boards of Education – out of over 580

Boards in the State of New Jersey – have ever received this prized


Then, it was reported that Mrs. Jennifer Baldassari, a third grade teacher

at the Elementary School, was recognized as an Exemplary Elementary

Educator for 2016 by the New Jersey Department of Education. She is one

of only eighty recipients state-wide (out of over 100,00 elementary school

teachers) to receive this distinguished award. Board will present this award

to her at the November 28th Board of Education meeting.

Now for the report of the PARCC situation. This is the second year of the

program and Harding has adjusted quite well as you will note below

compared with other schools in New Jersey:

Out of 1,344 elementary schools Harding moved up 84 spots from

2015 and is now ranked 29th!

Out of 706 middle schools, Harding moved up 262 spots from 2015,

and is now ranked 17th!

Harding Township School District is now ranked 14th in the State out

of 609 districts, moving up 133 spots from 2015.

Well, that was the big news of the night. Looking ahead for those

interested in the school budget, the financial audit will be presented at

the next meeting, November 28th.

(Note: the purpose of this brief report is to help Harding residents connect with the School by

highlighting significant items addressed by the Board and are not “meeting minutes”. Those are

filed by the Board Secretary and placed on the Harding School website for all to view, generally

about a month after the meeting date.)



Meeting Highlights: May 5, 2016

Curriculum. A Student Show Case, organized by Principal Mary Donohue and

many faculty for highlighting students in a “well-rounded curriculum” of the

Harding School, formed the basis of the curriculum presentation at this Board

meeting. Show Case presentations included two poetry readings by 7th graders,

presentation of two songs from the elementary school play, two selections by a

section of the Harding jazz band, songs by middle school students, a reading that

is being prepared for a public speaking contest in early June, and a display of art

work. In the realm of science and technology, four students demonstrated the

prosthetic hand that they had designed and constructed with the school’s 3-D

printer. This curriculum activity is associated with the national volunteer

program E-Nable (http://enablingthefuture.org/) to provide such prosthetic

hands for those in need.

The curriculum presentation at the May 23rd Board meeting will be from the

District Curriculum Committee. Faculty in the several academic subject areas

will give reports.

Personnel. The Board approved the assignments and salaries of 29 tenured and

certified staff for the 2016-2017 school year. The faculty, their assignments, and

their salaries (public information) can be accessed and downloaded at

(http://www.hardingtwp.org/Page/46) under the tab for the Board May 9th


The Board discussed the evaluation of non-tenured faculty in its Executive

Session. Tenure in New Jersey can now only be acquired after four years of

teaching and evaluation.

Board Action. The Board approved the Harding District’s Comprehensive Equity

Plan for the three-year interval 2016-2019. This Plan describes the District’s

policies for compliance with hiring and evaluation, and meets all requirements of

the New Jersey Department of Education.

As a follow up to the results recently obtained from the survey of Harding

graduates at Madison High School, the Board will initiate additional initiatives to

understand the results and to enable further processes for transition to high

school. Superintendent Matt Spelker will also communicate with Madison school

administration regarding some recent fiscal issues that Madison is facing and that

have been reported in the press.

Facilities and Finance. Business Administrator Robert Brown reported that the

winning (and lowest) bid for the milling and paving project of the school complex

was Fischer Contracting, Inc., at $132,450. Nine bids were received, with costs

ranging from the low bid to about a factor of two higher than the lowest. The

Board approved the award of the contract with the understanding that there are

not any material defects in the bid.

Highlights – April 11, 2016

The highlight of the meeting was the presentation by School Principal Ms.

Donohue of an important revamping of the school curriculum to re-emerge as the

Rubicon Atlas. Significant elements are:

Web-based teaching aide replaces “hard copy” curriculum guide

Costs about 5K/yr

Fully implemented by the end of school year 2017

Teachers can show students examples of what their work should look like

Parents can go online and see the course content of the subjects their

students/children are taking

Doesn’t generate a lesson plan but provides links to resources,

illustrations, & etc.

The Superintendent reported on the success of the Senior Breakfast held the

previous week which was attended by over 60 seniors. Aside from the tasty

breakfast, elements of the school play and other activities were presented which

gave the seniors the feeling that the younger generation is being well prepared as

they progress through the steps in their elementary education.

The Business Administrator reported that the contract for repaving the school

parking lot was out for bid with indications that there would be a good number of

responders for a competitive result. Work would be undertaken during the

summer recess.

(Note: the purpose of this brief report is to help Harding residents connect with the School by highlighting

significant items addressed by the Board and is not “meeting minutes.” Minutes are filed by the Board

Secretary and placed on the Harding School website for all to view, generally about a month after the meeting






Meeting Highlights: Monday February 22, 2016

2016-2017 Budget. The major presentation and discussion at the meeting by

Superintendent Matt Spelker was the second report on the school district budget.

Non-property tax revenue is projected to be about $900,000 (about $49,000 (6%)

larger than 2015, including a $4,600 increase in state aid).

Major expense increases include an about 9% to 11% increase in health benefits (no

increase in dental benefit expenses) and 2.6% increase in Harding Township

Educational Association faculty salaries. The budget currently estimates the local

tax levy to increase overall by 2.9%.

Salaries and benefits for faculty and administration amount to about 80% of the


The discretionary (about 20%) portion of the budget includes funding for a number of

educational and other enhancements, including Honeywell Instant Alert, staff

professional development, curriculum development, and capital improvements (which

will be outlined to the board at a future meeting).

The tentative total budget will be presented to the Board and public on March 21st.

Instruction. Board Vice President John Flynn, Chair of the Curriculum and Instruction

Committee, reported that the details of the Partnership for Assessment of Readiness

for College and Careers (PARCC) tests have not as yet been received. The faculty

does not yet have the necessary results for individual students such that 

individualized guidance could be provided. Mr. Flynn also reported that the Committee was discussing ways of

incentivizing faculty for academic-related grant

writing opportunities, possibly incorporating such a concept in a future union


Personnel and Management. The Board is advertising for a new interim business

administrator. The current interim administrator, Robert Brown, cannot hold this

position for more than two years. The Board expressed its regrets in losing Mr.


Other business. At their second meeting, the Board unanimously approved reading

the changes in eight policies that were reported in the March Thumbnail.

Board President Davor Gjivoje announced that the Three Year District Curriculum

Council Plan would be presented at the March 7th Board meeting. He also announced

that the Board would go into executive session to discuss the Madison sendingreceiving


Meeting Highlights: Monday March 7, 2016

Curriculum. Harding school Principal and Director of Curriculum Mary Donohue

presented the results of a study by the Harding Curriculum Council that began last

October. IN addition to the Principles as Chair, the Curriculum Council is composed

of six faculty covering the elementary school and the middle school, academic areas

including science and social studies, special education, and the President of the Board

of Education, Davor Gjivore.

Focusing on the Harding School mission statement, Ms. Donohue described how the

Council developed a three-year program (to begin in the Fall of 2016) to address and

enhance the non-cognitive skills of students in order to ensure an individual’s longterm

success. The three-year plan addresses “grit, tenacity, and perseverance”.

Ms. Donohue described current educational research as demonstrating that addressing

these three non-cognitive quantities can establish a “growth mindset” in academics

for students. In this growth mindset, students are encouraged, for example, to

embrace challenges, rather than avoid challenges: to learn from constructive

criticism, rather than to ignore useful feedback: to be inspired to do better by others’

successes, rather than to be threatened by others’ success, and to persist despite

obstacles rather than to give up easily due to obstacles.

The monthly curriculum presentation at the April 11th Board meeting will be devoted

to the “Rubicon/Atlas” on-line curriculum management tool. Ms. Donohue will

describe for the Board and Harding public the use of this web-based curriculum

management device in the school, and its importance for Harding education.

Madison sending-receiving contract. Board Vice President John Flynn and

Superintendent Matt Spelker announced the finalization of the Madison sendingreceiving

contract. The Board voted unanimously to accept the contract. Madison

has been the receiving district for Harding high school students since the early 1970s.

This new contract is for six years, covering the 2014-2015 school year retroactively

and extending through the 2019-2020 school year. Financially, the contract

establishes a fixed Harding cost of $1.575M/yea, independent of student numbers, for

the initial three years (including the retroactive 2014-2015 year), and a fixed cost of

$1.6M/year for each of the final three years. (For reference the Madison cost was

$1.647M for the 2013-2014 school year)

In addition to the fiscal terms, Mr. Flynn also remarked that the contract includes

policy changes that enhance the sending-receiving relationship in terms of such

factors as coordination of curricula and tracking the performance of Harding high

school students.

Budget Detailed Harding School 2016-2017 budget presentation will be at the Board

meeting on March 21st. Public hearing on the budget will occur at the Board meeting

on April 25th.

(Note: the purpose of this brief report is to help Harding residents connect with the School by highlighting significant items

addressed by the Board and is not “meeting minutes”. Minutes are filed by the Board Secretary and placed on the Harding

School website for all to view, generally about a month after the meeting date.)




Feb. 8, 2016 Board of Education Meeting

Board of Education Meeting Highlights February 8, 2016

Curriculum: The majority of the meeting was devoted to a presentation of

the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) by the Middle School science

supervisor, Dr. Michael Gervis, and the Principal and Director of Curriculum,

Mary Donohue. The NGSS have been under development for a number of

years, and represent the first change in such standards for over 15 years. The

framework for the NGSS is a report (A Framework for K-12 Science Education,

National Academies Press, Washington, DC, 2012) from the National Research

Council (a body of the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and

Medicine) that was supported by the National Academies, the American

Association for the Advancement of Science, and the National Science

Teachers Association, and underwritten by corporations and foundations that

included Cisco, General Electric, the Carnegie Foundation, and DuPont. The

Chair of the Report was Professor Helen Quinn, a physicist of Stanford

University, and the 18-member Report Committee included two Nobel Prize

winners. The Report was thus not a governmental development, and is not a

“common core curriculum” element, although there are connections to it.

The standards established, based upon the Report were developed after much

public input, with 26 states participating in the development. At present 13

states are implementing the standards, including New Jersey. Other states

are in the process of implementing or considering doing so.

The Report and the standards incorporate for the first time “Engineering,

Technology, and Applications of Science” as disciplinary core content, in

addition to the classical core content areas of “life sciences”, “physical

sciences”, and “earth and space sciences." In addition to the core subject


content, the Report and the NGSS incorporate emphasis on “scientific and

engineering practices” and on “crosscutting concepts,” – that is, seeing and

understanding relationships among core content concepts and employing these

for “practice”/problem solving.

There was substantial discussion by the Board of the NGSS, with several

members of the public, including parents, participating. Considerable

discussion involved the importance of science and engineering education not

just for those students who may become technical professionals, but for all

students, because of the rigorous and analytical thinking and analysis that is

fostered by a strong science program in schools. That is, science is not just a

body of knowledge, but a process and a way of discovery and understanding.

The next monthly curriculum presentation will be on the topic of the District

Curriculum Council’s 3-year plan. This presentation by Principal Mary

Donohue will be at the Board’s March 7th meeting.

Superintendent’s Report: Superintendent Matt Spelker reported that state

law mandates a twice-a-year report to the public of any instances of violence

and vandalism, and of any cases of Harassment, Intimidation, and Bullying.

For the six months of July through December 2015 there were no incidents in

the Harding School of any of the categories covered.

The Superintendent’s Report and the NGSS material presented by Dr. Gervis

and Ms. Donohue, are posted on the school website: www.hardingtwp.org.

School Budget: The Board at its March 21st meeting will adopt the school


Policy Matters: Seven modifications to Board policies were introduced for

first reading. Five of these modifications were minor date changes to

evaluation policies for all employees of the district. Two modifications were

mandatory by state law to family leave policies for military service situations.

A new policy was introduced for first reading on the notification and

registration of any service animals that might be needed by anyone in the


Board President Report: The Board President, Davor Gjivoje, announced that

the Midyear Evaluation of the Superintendent had been completed, as well as


the Midyear District Goals as related to the Superintendent’s performance.

President Gjivoje also noted that the sending-receiving contract with Madison

is nearing completion.


Jan. 18, 2016 Board of Education Meeting

Board of Education Meeting Highlights: January 18, 2016

Board Organization: The school Board completed its 2016 re-organization by

announcing the appointments to its committees.

These include:

Curriculum and Instruction John Flynn, Howard Kotkin

Personnel and Management Kim Macauley, John Flynn

Facilities and Finance Howard Kotkin, Abi Singh

Technology John Flynn, Howard Kotkin

Policy Davor Gjivoje, Kim Macauley

Negotiations Kim Macauley, Abi Singh

Buildings and Grounds Howard Kotkin, Davor Gjivoje

Madison Board of Education Abi Singh, Howard Kotkin

Morris County School Board Assoc. John Flynn

Morris Educational Services Comm. Kim Macauley

District Curriculum Council Davor Gjivoje

Culture and Climate Kim Macauley

NJ School Boards Delegate John Flynn

Budget and Finance: As a result of a mandate of the Affordable Care Act, the

Board approved, effective July 1, 2016, the offering of single enrollment,

basic plan, health care to teachers’ aides.

School Budget Time line:

Preliminary Budget Report II: February 22

Budget formally presented to Board: March 21

Public hearing on budget: April 25

Personnel: The Board approved, at the BA entry level, the hiring of a

certified teacher for mathematics (non algebra) for grades 6-8.

The Board approved, effective February 1, 2016, a per diem salary increase

for substitute teachers from $95/day to $100/day for those with two or more

years of continuous service in the District.



Executive Session: The Board discussed the quarterly performance review of


the Superintendent. The Board heard a presentation on Harding district


school safety, a program that is coordinated with the Harding Police


Department and State of NJ public safety officials.


(Note: the purpose of this brief report is to help Harding residents connect with the School by highlighting significant items


addressed by the Board and are not “meeting minutes”. Minutes are filed by the Board Secretary and placed on the Harding


School website for all to view, generally about a month after the meeting date.)



Meeting Highlights: Board of Education Meeting 12-07-2015

This was a short meeting of the School Board, with just a few updates on

school matters.

Superintendent Matt Spelker announced that the results of the Partnership

for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers (PARCC) test have

been received by the school district. The results will be reported to the

faculty on December 14th and to parents on December 15th, with

information on how to read and interpret the results. The results will be

reported to the community at the Board of Education meeting on

December 21st.

The business administrator Robert Brown reported that the official 2015

school enrollment, as reported to the State, is 292 pupils in grades K-8 and

112 pupils in Madison high school. The 2014 enrollment was 290 in K-8 and

119 in Madison.

The School Board approved another out-of-Harding tuition-paying student.

The current tuition rate for non-resident K-8 students is $8,500 for a full

year (if a sibling is also enrolled, the tuition rate is $7,500/year; the rate

for a child of a non-resident employee is $5,100/year). This 2015 school

year Harding has five non-resident, tuition paying students in grades K-8

for total revenue of $38,100. In addition, there are currently 19 resident

students enrolled in the Harding pre-school program, at a rate of


Board President Davor Gjivoje announced that the academic presentations

at the January and February Board meetings would be on GoogleDocs and

on Next Generation Science Standards, respectively.

(Note: the purpose of this brief report is to help Harding residents connect with the

School by highlighting significant items addressed by the Board and are not “meeting

minutes”. Minutes are filed by the Board Secretary and placed on the Harding School

website for all to view, generally about a month after the meeting date.)


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