Board of Education


Meeting Highlights: Board of Education Meeting 12-07-2015

This was a short meeting of the School Board, with just a few updates on

school matters.

Superintendent Matt Spelker announced that the results of the Partnership

for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers (PARCC) test have

been received by the school district. The results will be reported to the

faculty on December 14th and to parents on December 15th, with

information on how to read and interpret the results. The results will be

reported to the community at the Board of Education meeting on

December 21st.

The business administrator Robert Brown reported that the official 2015

school enrollment, as reported to the State, is 292 pupils in grades K-8 and

112 pupils in Madison high school. The 2014 enrollment was 290 in K-8 and

119 in Madison.

The School Board approved another out-of-Harding tuition-paying student.

The current tuition rate for non-resident K-8 students is $8,500 for a full

year (if a sibling is also enrolled, the tuition rate is $7,500/year; the rate

for a child of a non-resident employee is $5,100/year). This 2015 school

year Harding has five non-resident, tuition paying students in grades K-8

for total revenue of $38,100. In addition, there are currently 19 resident

students enrolled in the Harding pre-school program, at a rate of


Board President Davor Gjivoje announced that the academic presentations

at the January and February Board meetings would be on GoogleDocs and

on Next Generation Science Standards, respectively.

(Note: the purpose of this brief report is to help Harding residents connect with the

School by highlighting significant items addressed by the Board and are not “meeting

minutes”. Minutes are filed by the Board Secretary and placed on the Harding School

website for all to view, generally about a month after the meeting date.)

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