Board of Education

Jan. 18, 2016 Board of Education Meeting

Board of Education Meeting Highlights: January 18, 2016

Board Organization: The school Board completed its 2016 re-organization by

announcing the appointments to its committees.

These include:

Curriculum and Instruction John Flynn, Howard Kotkin

Personnel and Management Kim Macauley, John Flynn

Facilities and Finance Howard Kotkin, Abi Singh

Technology John Flynn, Howard Kotkin

Policy Davor Gjivoje, Kim Macauley

Negotiations Kim Macauley, Abi Singh

Buildings and Grounds Howard Kotkin, Davor Gjivoje

Madison Board of Education Abi Singh, Howard Kotkin

Morris County School Board Assoc. John Flynn

Morris Educational Services Comm. Kim Macauley

District Curriculum Council Davor Gjivoje

Culture and Climate Kim Macauley

NJ School Boards Delegate John Flynn

Budget and Finance: As a result of a mandate of the Affordable Care Act, the

Board approved, effective July 1, 2016, the offering of single enrollment,

basic plan, health care to teachers’ aides.

School Budget Time line:

Preliminary Budget Report II: February 22

Budget formally presented to Board: March 21

Public hearing on budget: April 25

Personnel: The Board approved, at the BA entry level, the hiring of a

certified teacher for mathematics (non algebra) for grades 6-8.

The Board approved, effective February 1, 2016, a per diem salary increase

for substitute teachers from $95/day to $100/day for those with two or more

years of continuous service in the District.



Executive Session: The Board discussed the quarterly performance review of


the Superintendent. The Board heard a presentation on Harding district


school safety, a program that is coordinated with the Harding Police


Department and State of NJ public safety officials.


(Note: the purpose of this brief report is to help Harding residents connect with the School by highlighting significant items


addressed by the Board and are not “meeting minutes”. Minutes are filed by the Board Secretary and placed on the Harding


School website for all to view, generally about a month after the meeting date.)


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