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Meeting Highlights: May 5, 2016

Curriculum. A Student Show Case, organized by Principal Mary Donohue and

many faculty for highlighting students in a “well-rounded curriculum” of the

Harding School, formed the basis of the curriculum presentation at this Board

meeting. Show Case presentations included two poetry readings by 7th graders,

presentation of two songs from the elementary school play, two selections by a

section of the Harding jazz band, songs by middle school students, a reading that

is being prepared for a public speaking contest in early June, and a display of art

work. In the realm of science and technology, four students demonstrated the

prosthetic hand that they had designed and constructed with the school’s 3-D

printer. This curriculum activity is associated with the national volunteer

program E-Nable ( to provide such prosthetic

hands for those in need.

The curriculum presentation at the May 23rd Board meeting will be from the

District Curriculum Committee. Faculty in the several academic subject areas

will give reports.

Personnel. The Board approved the assignments and salaries of 29 tenured and

certified staff for the 2016-2017 school year. The faculty, their assignments, and

their salaries (public information) can be accessed and downloaded at

( under the tab for the Board May 9th


The Board discussed the evaluation of non-tenured faculty in its Executive

Session. Tenure in New Jersey can now only be acquired after four years of

teaching and evaluation.

Board Action. The Board approved the Harding District’s Comprehensive Equity

Plan for the three-year interval 2016-2019. This Plan describes the District’s

policies for compliance with hiring and evaluation, and meets all requirements of

the New Jersey Department of Education.

As a follow up to the results recently obtained from the survey of Harding

graduates at Madison High School, the Board will initiate additional initiatives to

understand the results and to enable further processes for transition to high

school. Superintendent Matt Spelker will also communicate with Madison school

administration regarding some recent fiscal issues that Madison is facing and that

have been reported in the press.

Facilities and Finance. Business Administrator Robert Brown reported that the

winning (and lowest) bid for the milling and paving project of the school complex

was Fischer Contracting, Inc., at $132,450. Nine bids were received, with costs

ranging from the low bid to about a factor of two higher than the lowest. The

Board approved the award of the contract with the understanding that there are

not any material defects in the bid.

Highlights – April 11, 2016

The highlight of the meeting was the presentation by School Principal Ms.

Donohue of an important revamping of the school curriculum to re-emerge as the

Rubicon Atlas. Significant elements are:

Web-based teaching aide replaces “hard copy” curriculum guide

Costs about 5K/yr

Fully implemented by the end of school year 2017

Teachers can show students examples of what their work should look like

Parents can go online and see the course content of the subjects their

students/children are taking

Doesn’t generate a lesson plan but provides links to resources,

illustrations, & etc.

The Superintendent reported on the success of the Senior Breakfast held the

previous week which was attended by over 60 seniors. Aside from the tasty

breakfast, elements of the school play and other activities were presented which

gave the seniors the feeling that the younger generation is being well prepared as

they progress through the steps in their elementary education.

The Business Administrator reported that the contract for repaving the school

parking lot was out for bid with indications that there would be a good number of

responders for a competitive result. Work would be undertaken during the

summer recess.

(Note: the purpose of this brief report is to help Harding residents connect with the School by highlighting

significant items addressed by the Board and is not “meeting minutes.” Minutes are filed by the Board

Secretary and placed on the Harding School website for all to view, generally about a month after the meeting




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