Board of Adjustment, February 18, 2010

Request for Extension of Time
Carmine and Grace Petti, 112 Village Road, Block 15, Lot 19.02 One year extension granted.
The Huff Family Limited Partnership 559 Tempe Wick Road, Block 31, Lot 1.03, Zone RR One year extension granted subject to applicant moving the playhouse before June 1, 2010.

New Applications
Eugenia Swift, 16 Meyersville Road, Block 12, Lot 9.01, Zone R-2, “C” Variance – This application involves the construction of a single family dwelling. The property requires a variance for building area and possibly height. After a lengthy discussion, the applicant chose to reexamine its plans and will consider submitting revised plans. The Board advised that it will require a site visit once final plans are submitted.

Frank Callea and Jacqueline Fellippello, 79 Meyersville Road, Block 55, Lot 2, Zones R- 1 & R-2, “C” Variance – This application involves the expansion of an existing non-conforming structure. The front yard setback does not comply with the ordinance. The application was recommended for approval.

Board of Adjustment, January 21, 2010
The Board addressed its annual organizational details
John McFayden / Tom Luciano, 147 Pleasantville Road, Block 14, Lot 3.01 Request for Extension of Time Granted for one year