Harding Open Space- March 10, 2010


Attendees: Loren Pfeiffer, Wm Settle, J. Murray,J. Somers, N.Platt, N.Ward, L.Weppler, J.Kovacs, T. Bologna(Harding Land Trust), Gail McKane(Town Clerk)

Mr. Murray (HLT) reported violations of easements resolved. Discussed tree removal & new trees planted on (formerly) Wilkerson property, Sand Spring Rd. Mr. Platt commented easements should be settled before any building permits issued.

Mr. Platt suggested a Parks Committee, consisting of representatives of all local interests, be formed. They should be appointed by TC with responsibility for geese supervision, skating, fishing as well as grass maintenance. This would be volunteer group with no budget to help the Township budget deficit.

Planning Bd/Township Com. No new liaison person has been appointed.

Stewardship Day. Volunteers will monitor and photo HLT easements.

Corporate Work Day: Volunteers will work on Gate House property.

Old Business: Eggert Property gift to US Park Service has passed US House of Representatives and is awaiting Senate approval. Great Swamp: Purchase of Totten Property, Woodland Ave, by Great Swamp Natl Preserve received motion of HOST support by letter with 2 abstentions