Board of Health Meeting April 8, 2010

Meeting of Board of Health, 8 April
Present: Sraceno, Allyn, Schmidt, Halsey, Platt. Annibal, Board of Health official

The Board reviewed the monthly report of the Health Department. Annibal noted that that state had partially restored funding for professional training of health officials and members of the Board.

As it has for several years in a row, the Board approved the use of a private swimming pool for the Harding Township Recreation Association summer day camp. It was noted that the pool safety installations and personnel in attendance for the day camp exceed state requirements.

The Board further discussed the fertilizer ordinance that had been discussed at its March meeting. The Board noted the controversy that had arisen in the community over the process by which the ordinance had been developed and concluded that it should not introduce such an ordinance but rather refer the matter to the Planning Board and the Township Committee.