HIstoric Preservation Meeting, August 2011

HPC Referral # HPC-8-4-11-24, Owner: Daniel and Julia Somers, Location: 501 Spring Valley Road Block 12 Lot 8, Historic District: Green Village – contributing structures, Proposal: Enlargement of existing barn and authorization of an existing shed.
HPC Referral # HPC-8-4-11-25, Owner: Juliejane Manley, Location: 35 Meyersville Road Block 55 Lot 7, Historic District: N/A Individual Contributing Lot: N/A, Proposal: Authorization of an existing sunroom location on the rear of residence.

HPC Referral # HPC-8-4-11-26, Owner: GHK Realty I, II & III, Location: 655 & 665 Spring Valley Road, Block 4 Lots, Historic District: N/A Individual Contributing Site: N/A, Proposal: Major Preliminary and Final 5 Lot subdivision.
A brief discussion ensued regarding the status of the formal written response for the T-Mobile cell tower application before the Board of Adjustment. There has not been a response issued as there is alternate site being considered.

Discussion Item
Continued Discussion of Lam Referral – 53 Blue Mill Road. Block 19 Lot 11