HIstoric Preservation, October 2011

T-Mobile Northeast LLC & Sectorsite,LLC (Applicants), NJ Conference 7th Day Adventists (Owner), 501 Tempe Wick Road, Block 33 Lot 9

HPC Referral # HPC-10-6-11-27
Owner: Sandy and Shanta Waren, Location: 602 Van Beuren Road, Block 4 Lot 14.07, Historic District: Silver Lake – noncontributing, Proposal: Construction of a swimming pool with related improvements.

HPC Referral # HPC-10-6-11-30
Owner: Thomas and Angelina Pecora, Location: 108 Village Road Block 15 Lot 19, Historic District: N/A Individual Contributing Lot: N/A, Proposal: Enlargement of the existing residence with a covered veranda.

HPC Referral # HPC-10-6-11-31
Owner: David and Nena Green, Location: 2 Jenks Court, Block 25 Lot 26, Historic District: N/A Individual Contributing Lot: N/A, Proposal: Installation of an emergency generator.

HPC Referral # HPC-11-6-11-28 (follow-up review)
Owner: John and Sally Quinn, Location: 26 Lee’s Hill Road, Block 49, Lot 7, Historic District: New Vernon – contributing site, Proposal: Detached garage

HPC Referral # HPC-10-6-11-32
Harding Holdings PM, LLC (formerly owned by Edith Kurland Trust), 679 Mt. Kemble Avenue, Block 27 Lot 2, Historic District: Tempe Wick – contributing, Review of future development of property