Community Donation Drive

The HT/GV Bridle Path Association has started its annual Community Donation Drive. As always, the continued support of the residents is greatly appreciated and essential in keeping the trails and adjoining properties, including the show grounds, well maintained and safe for all. If you have not already received your donation request in the mail, and would like one, please contact Brita Tansy at britac@hotmail.com.

Annual Holiday Party

Harding Township/Green Village Bridle Path Association (HT/GV BPA) held its annual Holiday Party and membership meeting on December 7th at the Tunis-Ellicks House.

The business portion of the meeting was the election of the Leadership for 2015 with the following results:

President: Brita Tansey (britac@hotmail.com) 973-271-7186

Vice President: Megan Finkle

Secretary: Victoria Sroka

Treasurer: Mare Olsen

Trusteees at Large: Joanna Bleigh, Ingrid Johnston, Miriam Scully, Jamime Miller, Kathleen Young

The remainder of the evening, which was most of it, was spent celebrating friendship and the holiday spirit. The general purpose of the Bridle Path Association is to promote the retention, reclamation and maintenance of the network of trails throughout Harding Township. More information can be obtained by visiting the website: www.bridlepath.org.