Our Mission

Harding Township Civic Association Mission

The Harding Township Civic Association is an independent, non-partisan citizens’ group whose mission is to promote community events and provide transparent reporting on local government activities in Harding township.

The Civic Association is led by a Board of Trustees comprised of fifteen citizen volunteers. Every year the HTCA also sponsors The Harding Township Memorial Day Parade where we honor a distinguished citizen of our community and hear the winning essays from our annual student essay contest.

Township Reporting

In order to keep Harding residents informed of the activities of its local government, our trustees attend and report on the following municipal meetings:

  • Board of Adjustment
  • Board of Education
  • Environmental Commission
  • Harding Open Space Trust
  • Historic Preservation
  • Planning Board
  • Shade Tree Committee
  • Township Committee

Unaffiliated with the township government, our trustees provide objective reporting for the benefit of Harding residents. These reports are published in our monthly newsletter, Thumbnail Accounts of Civic Affairs, which is mailed to all Township residences and posted on this website.

Supporting the Community

The Civic Association organizes community events including the Harding Memorial Day Parade, the annual “Meet the Chairman,” and “Meet the Candidates.” “Meet the Chairman” allows Harding residents to participate in a “Q&A” session with Harding’s Chairman of the Township Committee. “Meet the Candidates” allows Harding residents to meet and ask questions of candidates running for Township Committee.

HTCA Meetings

The Civic Association typically meets in the Kirby Municipal Building on the third Wednesday of each month. Meetings are open to the public.


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