Township Directory

(The Wick House at The Morristown National Historical Park)

2017 Directory of Community Services

A Guide to Officials, Services & Community Organizations


Recycling Center at the Public Works Garage
Millbrook Road, New Vernon, NJ 07976
(973) 267-2448 | Email:

Mission: The Department of Public Works is responsible for the maintenance of all Township owned vehicles, roads, parks, buildings, and the Township’s Recycling Center.

Superintendent: Tracy Toribio 973-267-2448
Mechanic: Ken Noetzli
Road Foreman: Jamie Miller
Operators: Jeffrey Philhower, Adam Hettenbach, Justin Buller & Joe Bonin

Recycling: Recycling of glass, aluminum and steel cans, newspapers, magazines, office and computer paper, junk mail, paperboard, chipboard, corrugated cardboard, rechargeable household batteries and plastics with coded numbers of 1,2,4,5 & 7 is mandatory.

Commingled Recyclables: Consists of all aluminum and tin cans, glass bottles and only bottles and containers with the Recycling symbol, and 1,2,4,5 & 7. Try to crush plastic bottles to conserve space. Please remember no plastic or paper bags.

Commingled Mixed Paper Recycling:
Consists of all paper, cardboard, newspaper, office paper, magazines and books. Please put loose or shredded paper in paper bags. Please flatten all boxes or fill with other paper products.

Other accepted Items: Batteries: automotive (car) and household (rechargeable accepted); Computers and all related peripherals (printer and monitors); Automotive and light truck tires (on or off rim; Propane tanks (BBQ size only).

Recycling Hours:
Every Wednesday: 7:00am to 9am self serve | 9:00am to 12noon
Saturday Schedule for 2017 from 9 am to 12noon:

January 14th, 28th
April 8th & 22nd
July 1st,15th & 29th
October 7th & 21st
February 11th & 25th
May 6th & 20th
August 12th & 26th
November 4th & 18th
March 11th & 25th
June 3rd & 17th
September 9th & 23rd
December 2nd, 16th & 30th


135 Glen Alpin | Morristown, New Jersey 07976 | 973-267-8032

Mission: To provide interesting and informative programs and enjoyment to senior citizens of Harding Township.

President: Gertrude Willean
Vice President: Pat Dwyer
Treasure: Jeanne Nicholls

Meetings: The 2nd and 4th Thursday at Christ the King Church on Blue Mill Road in New Vernon.

Membership: please contact Gertrude Willean at 973-984-3963
50 Pleasantville Road | New Vernon 07976


P.O. Box 666 | New Vernon, New Jersey 07976
Email: | 973-267-8000 ext. 1951

Mission: Assists the Township Committee and departments on the planting, care and control of trees and shrubbery in public places owned, leased or managed by the Township. Advises the Township boards and commissions in matters related to planting on public and private property that may come under their responsibilities.

Chair: Caron Menger
Township Administrator: Gail W. McKane
Township Liaison: Nic Platt, Tim Jones
Tree Officer: John Linson
Administrator: Gail McKane
DPW: Tracy Toribio
Historic Society: Jane Reilly
Members: Richard Walter
Environmental Rep: Nik Bjorkedal
Civic Association Representative: Alf Newlin

Meetings: Quarterly or as needed

Membership: Please contact Paige Yutko at 973-267-0800 ext. 1947

Funding: Shade Tree Advisory operates with the support of tax dollars and private donations. Donations help fund plantings as needed on Township property.


21 Blue Mill Road | P.O. Box 666 | 973-267-8000
New Vernon, New Jersey 07976 |

Animal Control Officer: Contact Harding Police x1912
Board of Adjustment: Lori Taglairino x1951
Construction Office Secretary: Patricia Walker x1976
Construction Official: Mark Fornaciari x1964
Construction: Electrical, Plumbing & Fire x1982
Deputy Clerk: Paige Frank x1947
Deputy Treasurer: Andy Fiore x1980
Engineering: Paul Fox 908-234-0416
Environmental Health Specialist: George Byrnes x1977
Finance Clerk: Carolyn Masino x1966
Finance: Andy Fiore x1980
Health Administrator: Carlos Perez Jr. x1924
IT / Environmental: Chris Allyn x1981
Planning Board Administrator: Lori Taglairino x1951
Police Headquarters: Mark Giansanti, Chief x1912
Public Works Superintendent: Tracy Toribio 973-267-2448
Public Health Nurse: Jennifer Lawlor x1974
Public Health Registrar: Lisa Sharp x1968
Reception | Planning Board | Board of Adjustment: Lori Taglairino x1951
Tax Collector: Kathy Silber x1967
Tax Assessor: Anthony DiRado x1969
Township Assistant Administrator: Lorie Wright x1988
Township Administrator: Gail W. McKane x1917
Township Committee: Chairman: Chris Yates x1917
Tree Conservation Officer: John Linson x1947
Zoning Officer: George Byrnes x1921


P.O. Box 246 |New Vernon, New Jersey 07976
973-455-0500 | Emergency: 911 |

Chief of Police: Mark Giansanti
Sergeants: Thomas Downs, Patrick Christel, Erik Heller
Deputy EOM Coordinators: Mark Giansanti, Thomas Downs, David Achenbach
Patrolmen: David Achenbach, Michael Gromek, Stephen DeVries, Louis Pirrello, David Selecky, Stephen Rollin, In Persson
SLEO: Omar Atohe
Administrative Assistant: Susan Sherlock 973-267-8000 ext. 1914
Township Committee Liaison: Dev Modi, Nic Platt


P.O. Box 666 | New Vernon, New Jersey 07976
973-267-8000 ext. 1988 | Email:

Township Committee Mission: Harding operates under the “township” form of government which is a “government of committees,” with the legislative and executive responsibilities of the municipality vested in the Township Committee as a whole. The Committee establishes policies for the administration of various departments and appoints the Township Administrator who is responsible for carrying out those policies and overseeing the day to day operations of the township.

Chairman: Chris Yates
Township Attorney: Mark Roselli, Esq.
Vice Chairman: Nanette DiTostto
Labor Council: Matthew Giacobbe
Committee Members: Nanette DiTosto, Tim Jones, Dev Modi, Nicolas W. Platt, Chris Yates
Tax Attorney: Fred Semrau
Township Auditor: Suplee, Clooney & Company

Meetings: The 3rd Monday of each month at 7:30 in the Kirby Hall Municipal Building. June and August meetings will be the second Monday at 11am, no meeting scheduled in August.

Membership: Elected by Harding Township residents and serve a three year term.

Funding: The Township Committee operates with support of tax dollars.


155 Glen Alpin Road | Morristown, NJ 07960
Email: | Website:

Mission: The Harding Township Recreation Association strives to provide a range of recreational activities to the residents of Harding with the focus being on youth activities.

Co-Presidents: Nicole Lacz and Macaire Pace
Committee Members: Connie Kapp and Nancylee Settle

Sport Contacts:

Basketball: Dave Fassett:
Boys Lacrosse:
Girls Lacrosse: Connie Kapp:
Field Hockey: John Keating:
Ice Hockey:
Soccer: Melissa Simon:
Summer Camp: DJ & Jenn Baldassari:
T-Ball: Alissa Golden:


PO Box 235, New Vernon, NJ 07976
Website: |Email:

Mission: To advise the township and Harding Land Trust on maintenance and preservation of the property known as Glen Alpin, a contributing property to the Tempe Wick Historic District. The Conservancy works towards the rehabilitation, preservation and public enjoyment of the historic house and grounds.

President: Gwenn Claytor
Vice President: Justine Kovacs
Treasurer: Gerald H. Bischoff
Secretary: Melinda Meister
Board of Trustees: Mary Prendergast, Doal Sanderson, Ellie Weiner

Membership: please email:

Funding: The Glen Alpin Conservancy is funded through membership dues and private donations.


P.O. Box 1981 | New Vernon, New Jersey 07976
Email: | Website:

Mission: The purpose of the New Vernon Garden Club is to promote learning in all areas of horticulture, to encourage interest and creativity in all phases of home gardening, and to promote practices that add to the beautification of our environment and its preservation for future generations.

2016—2017 Officers:

President: Susan Stahly
Corresponding Secretary: Lisa Naturman
Vice President: Maryanne Janson
Treasurer: Ellen Laird
Secretary: Diane Statile
Assistant Treasurer: Pam Carlson

Meetings: Meetings are held monthly, 9am on Thursdays at the New Vernon Presbyterian Church.

Membership: Harding residents who are interested in becoming Club members may contact Membership Chair, Susan Massengill:

Funding: The Garden Club is supported by membership, fundraising and private and civic donations.


P.O. Box 734 | New Vernon, New Jersey 07976
973-267-6398| Website: | Email:

Mission: To raise funds and support curriculum enrichment projects of the Harding Township School which extend beyond the school budget.

President: Jean Rhee
Vice President: Wendy Hamilton
Secretary: Charmain Piotrowsky
Treasurer: Jenn Hoberman
Board Members: Mary Saltzman, Kim Byam, Danica Schiller, Kit Lannon, Nina Packie, Sandy Cullis

Meetings: The 2nd Tuesday of each month.

Membership: Please contact

Funding: The Foundation receives all of its funding through private donations, endowments and fundraising events open to the entire community.


Hartley Dodge Memorial Building
50 Kings Road | Madison, NJ 07940 | 973-593-3026

Judge: Gary F. Troxell
Court Administrator: Frank J. Ciampi |
Deputy Court Administrator: Angela Esposito, Dawn Allgeier, Theresa Rizzo
Prosecutor: Maryann McCoy
Public Defender: Robert Warmington, Esq.
Township Committee Liaison: Nic Platt, Chris Yates

Court Office Hours: Weekdays 8am-4pm
Court Sessions: 2nd & 4th Tuesday of every month at 5pm

Funding: The Municipal Court operates with the support of tax dollars and a percentage of accessed fines. As of February 1, 2011 Harding Township is sharing municipal court services with Madison Borough, Chatham Borough, and Chatham Township.

Summons: Anyone wishing to pay a summons in person can do so at the Violation Bureau, located at the Hartley Dodge Memorial Building

Office Hours: 8am to 4pm daily.

Payments are accepted by cash, check, or Credit Card (Visa and MasterCard) or online: or the court will accept a credit card payment over the phone and will send the receipt (s) to you by regular mail.


P.O. Box 666 | New Vernon, New Jersey 07976
Email: | 973-267-8000 ext. 1968

Mission: To analyze and advise the Township Committee on possible open space acquisitions and the maintenance of exiting open space and historical properties.

Chair: Tom MacCowatt
Vice Chair: Loren Pfeiffer
Members: Mare Olsen,Julia Somers,Aric Rosenbaum,Deborah Apruzese
Township Committee Rep: Tim Jones
Administrator: Gail W. McKane
Secretary: Lisa Sharp
Mayor’s Designee: Nicolas Platt
Planning Board Rep: David Dietz
Harding Land Trust Rep: Madelyn Devine
Shade Tree Rep: Jane Riley

Meetings: The 2nd Wednesday of each month at 7:30 in the Kirby Municipal Building.

Membership: Please contact Lisa Sharp at 973-267-8000 ext. 1968

Funding: The Open Space Trust is funded through a dedicated open space tax, not to exceed $0.05 per $100 of assessed valuation of each annual tax levy. The fund can also accept donations and testamentary bequests.


P.O. Box 666 | New Vernon, New Jersey 07976
973-267-8000 ext. 1951 | Email:

Mission: The Planning Board conducts public hearings on proposed Master Plan Amendments. Public input is permitted and solicited by the Board. The Planning Board also conducts public hearings on all large-scale development applications.

Chair: Peter Saulnier
Vice Chair: Isobel Olcott
Council: Gary Hall, Esq.
Planning Board Administrator: Lori Tagliarino
Board Members: Peter Saulnier, Isobel Olcott, Richard Clew, Tom dePoortere, David Dietz, Bob Edgar, Joe Schleifer, Tim Jones (TC Liaison), Dev Modi (TC Liaison)
Engineering Consultant: Paul Fox
Professional Planner: Christine Cofone
Alternate #1: David Chipperson Alternate #2: Nik Bjorkedal

Meetings: The 4th Monday of each month (except 2nd Monday in November & December) at 7:30 in the Kirby Municipal Building.

Membership: Anyone interested, contact Lori Taglairino 973-267-8000 ext. 1951

Funding: The Planning Board operates with the support of tax dollars.


P.O. Box 666 | New Vernon, New Jersey 07976
973-267-8000 ext. 1951 | Email:

Mission: The Board of Adjustment conducts public hearings on application for variances from Zoning Ordinances.

Chair: Phillip Rosenbach
Vice Chair: Mike Flanagan
Alternate #1: Bill Kearns Alternate #2: Rita Chipperson
Professional Planner: Christine Cofone
Council: Gary Hall, Esq.
Engineering Consultant: Paul Fox
Alternate #1: Terri Eichler Alternate #2: Bill Kearns
Board Members: Dan Maselli, Phillip Rosenbach, Peter Muratore, Mike Flanagan, Joe Schleifer, Terri Eichler, Alf Newlin

Meetings: The 3rd Thursday of each month at 7:30pm in the Kirby Municipal Building.

Membership: please contact Lori Taglairino at 973-267-8000 ext. 1951

Funding: Board of Adjustment is supported by tax dollars and application fees.


110 Harter Road, PO Box 576
New Vernon, NJ 07976 | 973-267-2515
Website: | Email:

Mission: To acquire, conserve and manage scenic, natural and historic lands in Harding Township in order to maintain the existing rural character of the town for present and future generations.

Operations Director: Jordan Leff
Development Director: Cynthia Rice
President: David Shepperly (until mid-April), Nik Bjorkedal (after mid-April)
Vice Presidents: Lynn Boyajian, Madelyn Devine, Fritz Laird, Gerry Scully
Secretary and Treasurer: Bob Yingling
Board Members: Nik Bjorkedal, Scott Clifford, Mark Fleming, Anne Flugstad-Clarke, Ellen Guenther, Holly Hegener, Catherine Herbst, Karen Kirby, Chip Korn, Meghan Lyon, Lindley Scarlett, Timothy
Simpson, Diane Statile

Membership: Inquiries can be made to contactus@

Funding: The Harding Land Trust is funded entirely through private donations and grants and does not receive direct tax dollars.


19 Blue Mill Road |P.O. Box 283
New Vernon, New Jersey 07976
Email: | 973-267-BOOK (2665)

Mission: The mission of Kemmerer Harding Township Library is to improve and enrich the lives of our users through informational, educational, and recreational activities and services.

Director: Lotte Newlin
Children’s Program Supervisor: Alison Maxwell
Circulation: Carolyn Antonaccio, Elyse Makowsky, Vicki Philhower
Business Manager: Kate Burns
President: Elaine McHale
Board of Trustees: Diane Berger, Steve Cullis, Lisa Naturman, Judy Otterman, Gerald Hanlon, Christina McKittrick, Jean Pfeffer, Norman Slonaker, John W. Thomas,Jr.

Volunteers: The Library depends on volunteer power for its continued operation and offers a rich variety of opportunities for interested residents. Please contact Lotte Newlin at 973-267-2665 x 102, or at

Funding: The Kemmerer Library is supported primarily through private donations.


P.O. Box 666 | New Vernon, New Jersey 07976
Email: | 973-267-8000 ext. 1947

Mission: CPAC advises the Township Committee on the operations and care of the Township’s four parks (Bayne Park, Barrett Field, Memorial Park and Show Grounds) for the benefit of all its citizens.

Chairman: Tom de Poortere
Township Committee Liaison: Nanette DiTosto, Nicolas Platt
Bayne Park: Roberta Shields
Barrett Field: Emilio Egea
Showgrounds: Mare Olsen
Memorial Field: Anne Kearns
DPW Superintendent: Tracy Toribio

Meetings: As needed.

Membership: Please contact Paige Frank at 973267-8000 ext. 1947

Funding: The Commission operates with support of tax dollars.


P.O. Box 666 | New Vernon, New Jersey 07976
973-267-8000 ext. 1977| Email:

Mission: The Environmental Commission conducts research, coordinates activities and prepares publications regarding the possible use of open land areas of Harding.

Chairman: Richard Clew
Township Committee Liaison: Chris Yates, Nic Platt
Board Members: Nic Bjorkedal, Jim Novotny, Barbara Harrison, Hugh Symonds, Alf Newlin, William Settle,Jr.
Alternate #1: Deborah Apruzese
Alternate #2: Roberta Shields
Planning Board representative: Richard Clew
Secretary: George Brynes

Meetings: The 1st Wednesday of each month (No meeting in July 2016) at 7:30 in the Kirby Municipal Building.

Membership: Contact George Byrnes 973-267-8000 ext. 1977

Funding: The Environmental Commission operates with the support of tax dollars.


P.O. Box 666 | New Vernon, New Jersey 07976
Email: | 973-267-8000 ext. 1951

Mission: To assist and advise applicants on ways of conserving, protecting and enhancing the historic character of Harding Township. The Commission promotes historic preservation and seeks to preserve rural streetscapes within the township.

Township Committee Liaison:
Dev Modi, Chris Yates
Alternate #1: Geoff Harris
Alternate #2: Nancy Johnston
Members: Don Dinsmore, Steve Kao, Mark Wilson, Gwen Claytor, Thomas DePoortere, Dan Maselli, Dave Denson

Meetings: The 1st Thursday of each month at 7:30 in the Kirby Municipal Building.

Membership: Please contact Lori Taflairino at 973-267-8000 ext. 1951

Funding: The Commission operates with the support of tax dollars.


P.O. BOX 666, New Vernon, New Jersey 07976
973-267-8000 extensions 1968 & 1924

Mission: To assure, protect and promote the health of the people and environment of Harding and to provide timely and accurate information so the residents, officials and employees can make good decisions concerning their health and environment.

Chair: Dr. Joseph Cervone
Vice Chair: Christina McKittrick
Members: Nicolas Platt, Dr. Libero Saraceno, Nanette DiTosto
Alternate #1: Dr. Nicole Lacz
Alternate #2: Steve Kao
Health Administrator: Mr. Carlos Perez, Jr.
Health Officer: Carlos Perez, Jr.
Township Engineer: Paul Fox
Counsel: Mark Roselli, Esq.
Board of Health Secretary: Lisa Sharp
Public Health Nurse: Jennifer Lawlor

The 2nd Thursday of each month at 7:30 in the Kirby Hall Municipal Building

Membership: Contact Lisa Sharp 973-267-8000 ext. 1968

Funding: The Board of Health operates with the support of tax dollars, permit and license fees as well as State and Federal grants.


P.O. Box 710 | New Vernon, New Jersey 07976
Website: | Email:

Mission: To promote retention, reclamation and maintenance of bridle trails within Harding Township, Green Village and neighboring communities for equestrian use.

President: Magan Finkle | Vice President: Joan Fitzhugh
Secretary: Dorothy McCann | Treasurer: Mare Olsen
Members at Large: Jen Burns, Sean Calquhoun, Jessica Jones, Brita Tansy
Trail Maintenance Engineers: Kathleen Young, Jamie Miller, Victoria Sroka

Meetings: Four times annually.
Membership: Please contact Megan Finkle 98-331-0600


PO Box 143, New Vernon, NJ 07976
(973) 538-1277 | EMERGENCY: Dial 911
Website: | Email:

Board of Governors 2017

President: Thomas Heyl Vice President: Ed Donohue
First Aid Captain: Jane Coyle
Squad Delegate: Hes Allocco
Secretary: Mike Cherello
Fire Company Delegate: Doug Heyl
Treasurer: John Olson
Senior Trustee: Rob Sameth
Fire Chief: Pete Finkle
Auxiliary: Roe Bowden

Fire Company 2017

President: Thomas Heyl | Fire Chief: Pete Finkle
Vice President: Mike Cherello
Deputy Chief: Jim Geswelli
Recording Secretary: Chris Martin
1st Assistant: Jamie Carifa | 2nd Assistant: Ward Connon
Treasurer: John Olson, Jr.
Delegate to Bd. of Gov.: Doug Heyl
Corresponding Secretary: Gerard Hanlon

First Aid Squad 2017

President: Ed Donohoe
Vice President: Gail Allyn
First Aid Captain: Jane Coyle
1st Lieutenant: Lotte Newlin 2nd Lieutenant: Glen Fleischer
Recording Secretary: Marthe McLinden
Treasurer: Bobbi Coulter
Corresponding Secretary: Marthe McLinden

Auxiliary 2017

President: Roe Bowden
Corresponding Secretary: Cindy Manz
Vice President: Anne Quinn
Treasurer: Connie Cherrillo
Recording Secretary: Sue Heineman

Funding: The New Vernon Volunteer Fire Department is supported through private donations and proceeds from annual events held on its behalf.


529 Green Village Road | Green Village, NJ 07935
(973) 377-7073, Emergency: Dial 911
Email: |

Board of Governors 2017

President: Joseph T. Sodano
Financial Secretary: George Stiner, Jr.
Vice President: Chip Del Coro
Sergeant at Arms: Daniel Engelsman
Treasurer: Frank Cosenza
Recording Secretary: Jim Koons
Trustees: Robert Swenor, Bob Jansen, Tom Bucuk

Fire Company: 2017

Chief: Matthew Behre
Deputy Chief: Keith Vastola
Battalion Chief 1: Michael Zalis
Battalion Chief 2: Joe Bassolino
Lieutenant 1: Michael Rawson
Lieutenant 2: Sergio Villalobos

Auxiliary: 2017

President: Amanda Swenor
Vice President: Kathy Matrale
Secretary: Peggy Fawcett
Treasurer: Susan Willshaw

Membership: Anyone interested, please contact (973) 377-7073 or visit our website.

Funding: The GVVFD is supported primarily through private donations and annual events held on its behalf.


P.O. Box 72 | New Vernon, New Jersey 07976
Email: | Website:

Mission: To inform residents of public issues through nonpartisan, nonpolitical and impartial publicity. Interest in local government is fostered through publications (The Thumbnail, website and Directory of Services) and events (An Evening with the Mayor, Meet the Candidates Night) while community spirit and patriotism is encouraged at the annual Memorial Day Parade.

President: Stephen Balog
Vice President: Jake Hayes
Treasurer: Larry Weppler
Secretary: Linda Taylor Kirby
Thumbnail Editor: Martha McDonnell
Webmaster: Victoria Philhower
Trustees: Gwenn Claytor, Betty Cutler, Lotte Newlin, Ellie Weiner, Richard Olsen, Denise Gianotti, Livia Galante, Louis Lanzerotti & Victoria Philhower
Parade Committee: Lotte Newlin

Meetings: The 2nd Tuesday of each month at 7:30pm in the Kemmerer Library

Membership: Please contact Stephen Balog at 973-539-9398

Funding: Funded solely by annual membership dues and private donations.


34 Lee’s Hill Road | New Vernon, New Jersey 07976 | Website:

Mission: To enrich and support the educational experience of our children at Harding Township School, to develop a closer connection between school and home by fostering community and providing a forum for parent involvement, and to improve the environment at Harding Township School through volunteer and financial support not otherwise provided for in the school budget.

The following PTO Board Officers are for the term from May 2016 – June 2017:

President: Cathleen Lazor
Vice President: Nancylee Settle
Secretary: Yoon Rosenbaum
Treasurer: Alice Healy

Meetings: Every month at Harding Township School

Membership: Open to parents or guardians of students at Harding Township School.

Funding: Through donations, and fundraising events and programs open to the community.


34 Lee’s Hill Road, PO Box 248
New Vernon, NJ 07976 | (973) 267-6398

Purpose: The Harding Township Board of Education is responsible for setting policy and making decisions on educational, financial, and personnel matters for the Harding Township School (HTS) district on behalf of all residents. The Board and the school district operate under applicable New Jersey laws, regulations of the New Jersey State Board of Education, and local policies established by the Harding Township Board of Education. Harding high school students are enrolled in the Madison High School.

Harding Township School Mission Statement: “The Harding Township School provides a strong educational foundation which inspires students to achieve academic excellence. Our dedicated faculty stimulates intellectual growth using a challenging curriculum within a supportive learning
environment. We encourage students to become self-directed, lifelong learners, who are well prepared for the academic and social challenges of the future.”

President: Davor Gjivoje, Jr.
Vice President: John Flynn
Board Members: Richard Bruno, Kim Macaulay, Abhinov Singh
Superintendent of Schools: Matthew A. Spelker
Principal and Curriculum Director: Mary Donohue
Business Administrator & Board Secretary: Marilyn Cuykendall
School Counselor: Emily Thony
Harding Township Committee Liaisons: Dev Modi, Chris Yates

Meetings: Usually twice a month. Please refer to the HTS web site,, for specific dates of Board meetings and agendas.

Membership: Board Members are elected by residents and serve three year terms.

Funding: The Harding school district is supported by local and state taxes.


16 Village Road, PO Box 1776
New Vernon, NJ 07976
(973) 292-3661 | Email:

Mission: A private, non-profit corporation to stimulate, collect, preserve and interpret original cultural material relating to the history of Harding Township – all of which is available to the community. The Society also maintains the historic Tunis-Ellicks House located in the center of New Vernon that is used for meetings, programs and events throughout the year.

Chris Allyn
Vice President: Patrick Burke
Secretary: Kevin Griffin
2nd Vice President: Dennis Terrell
Treasurer: Janet Doherty
Trustees: Betty d’Esterhazy, Kevin Doherty, Diane Hinds, Betsy Holdsworth, Mark Magyar, Jaime Miller, Jon Miller, Betty Mills, Nancy Priscu, Jane Riley
Archivist: Mary Prendergast, Leslie Potashner
Archivist Assistants: Jean Pfeffer

Hours of Operation: Office/archives open weekly. Call for hours or appointment.

Meetings: The 3rd Thurs of each month (except July/August) at Tunis-Ellicks House

Membership: New members welcome! Contact the office for more information.

Funding: Historical Society is supported by member dues and private donations.