Verizon Wireless to Install 26 Network Nodes on Poles in Harding

A representative of Verizon Wireless informed attendees about the companies plan to use “small network nodes” to enhance coverage in Harding. When combined with a new tower at the DPW site, these boxes on poles will fix the cell service problem.

A node is a box (55x22x11 inches) that is attached to a pole 8-10 feet off the ground. At the top of the pole (35 ft) another box (22” long) is the antenna. The pole itself is the familiar telephone pole. Power for the nodes electronics is provided from an electrical cable from a nearby existing pole, usually across the street.

Verizon plans 26 of these nodes – 24 on new polls and two on existing poles. Depending on “line of site” issues, the poles will be 500 to 1000 feet apart to ensure coverage. The nodes are planned for Long Hill, Glen Alpin and Tempe Wick Roads.

Verizon Wireless rep said that the company “would love to use existing poles” to mount their equipment, but owners of the poles won’t allow it. Those owners of the poles are Verizon Telecom (different from Verizon Wireless – who knew?!) and the electric company.

If T-Mobile and AT&T need to enhance their coverage, then one and ONLY one can co-locate their gear on these new poles. This would suggest that the 3rd carrier would need to install ANOTHER 24 poles.

Installation is not imminent and a public meeting on this will be held at an unspecified later date.

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