Bamboo Invasion

At the May Township Committee meeting, Ms. Jean Sher (32 Kitchell Road), a citizen and taxpayer requested that the TC pass an ordinance banning running bamboo, a very fast growing and highly invasive species.  Ms. Sher’s property straddles Madison and Harding (pays property taxes to both) and she reports that Madison has already banned this pesky plant and that Connecticut bans it statewide.

She presented photographs and described how her neighbor’s bamboo, planted around the border of the property in 2009, requires annual backhoe work on the Sher property to stop the roots which shoot underground 10 feet per week.  To date the neighbor, who is not occupying the home year round has not helped.  The plants grow 7-10 feet high and with snow bend and damage fencing.

The TC, though sympathetic, did not say that they would consider an ordinance.  Township attorney Roselli, said that of course a homeowner can cut down vegetation which encroaches ones property and that perhaps this could be looked at as a health issue.  Township Administrator, Robert Falzarano, was assigned to look into this issue with the homeowner.

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