Emergency at the First Aid Squad

Glen Fleisher, head of the New Vernon First Aid Squad, made a strong pitch for volunteers at the May Township Committee Meeting.  The NVFAS, which is 100% volunteer staffed and citizen funded, is down to only 23 people from 32 three years ago.  With 10 crews per week and 3 EMT’s per crew, that requires 30 people!

In line with the aging demographics of the township, the median age of the team is 65.  To compound the recruiting challenge the squad loses 2-3 members per year due to “life changes” and moving away.

The NVFAS asked the 5 members of the TC to identify two citizens each (10 total) who could get trained and serve.  As well the TC has already committed to engaging the community in CPR Training in the near future.

Citizens interested in learning more should contact the NVFAS at joinus@nvvfd.org.

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