We welcome all Harding men and women who served our country to join in the Memorial Day Parade 2020

First Row from Left:

  1. Michael Bernstein
  2. Richard Olsen
  3. Jake Hayes (standing next to podium)
  4. Walter Gorzeno (not visible in this photo behind Jake Hayes)
  5. Andrew Gallante (standing with phone)
  6. Brian Sullivan (at the podium)
  7. Irv Zander (not visible in this photo behind Rev. Sullivan)
  8. Hes Allocco
  9. Bill Stark
  10. Don Miller

Second Row from the Left:

  1. John Downs
  2. John Huston
  3. Walter Ness
  4. John McHale
  5. Peter Deeks

Third Row from the Left:

  1. Steve Rollins (standing in back)
  2. Frank Hock
  3. Hal Scaff
  4. Mike Meade
  5. John Thomas
  6. Charlie Burgess
  7. Michael Llyod

Not shown in this photo, but also attending was Kim Foley

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