Santa Claus is coming to our town


Santa Claus is coming to our town aboard a New Vernon Volunteer Fire Department fire truck. Yes, on the nights of December 7th and 8th  between 5:00 and 8:00 PM, we will be making the rounds with Santa to visit your children. In the event of an extremely bad rain or snowstorm on either or both evenings we will make arrangements to have Santa meet children at the firehouse on the following weekend.

Given the growth of our community in recent years, it is not possible for us to stop at every single house or go up all the long driveways that we have in Harding. We are, therefore, arranging for central stops in certain areas where children from a given road or neighborhood can gather at an approximate time to receive their individual gifts and talk with Santa. In addition, we will stop at as many homes as possible along the roads where a central gathering place is not practical. In order to determine which houses we should visit, we are asking each of you to return the card that will be sent to every Harding resident in November to tell us whether you have children and would like us to stop. It is most important that these cards be returned to us before November 29th, or we will not be able to arrange a stop at your house!!

If you did not receive a postcard in the mail with the route information to arrange Santa to stop, or with any questions, please email Fire Chief Peter Finkle, [email protected].

Again this year we are proud to be a collection for the Marine Corps Toys for Tots Program for less fortunate children. Toys for Tots accepts only new, unwrapped toys. Toys can be given to Santa’s helpers at the time of Santa’s visit.

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