Kids Winter Nature Detectives Hike

February 17, 1:00-3:00 PM

Great Swamp National Wildlife Refuge

Bluebird Parking Lot on Pleasant Plains Rd.

(approx. 0.5 miles north of the refuge’s south gate, and 1.6 miles south of the Helen C. Fenske Visitor Center)

Looking for a fun and educational outdoor activity for your kids? Gather up your family for an adventure through the snowy forest. Together, we will set off in hot pursuit of the region’s most-wanted wintertime wildlife on this nature detective discovery hike at Great Swamp National Wildlife Refuge. Learn how to identify animals from their tracks, scats and other leave-behind clues. Spy on secret hideouts used by birds, wintering insects, and other woodland creatures. Unmask the dining preferences of deer, raccoons, and even coyotes by putting the magnifying glass to some scat. All this detective work is easier than you think, plus it’s great to be outdoors in the winter! We will also talk about their winter-time activities and how the Refuge critters survive the coldest months of the year in anticipation of the spring thaw. Fun for all ages but especially for children ages 5 to 10. Be sure to dress for the weather. Waterproof boots are strongly encouraged. Bring a snack and water if you like. Registration is required. Register at or call 973-538-3500.

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