New Vernon First Aid Squad

When you call 911, your call is routed to a specially trained dispatcher at the Morris County Office of Emergency Management, who, through a series of carefully selected questions, identifies the emergency, the current status of the patient(s), and dispatches all of the necessary resources including police, fire, paramedics and the First Aid Squad. While the dispatcher continues to get more information from the caller, these resources are en route to the patient. Additional information received by the dispatcher, as he continues taking information from the caller, is then passed on to in route resources by radio.

The New Vernon Volunteer First Aid Squad responds to 911 calls in Harding 24/7. Last year was no exception. The First Aid Squad responded to more than 300 calls.  While most calls are for general medical emergencies, fall victims resulting in injury to the patient and motor vehicle accidents also account for a significant number of the Squad’s calls.  Last year, the First Aid Squad was particularly proud of its CPR save and the prompt recognition and transport of a stroke patient, which allowed for the patient’s complete recovery.

The First Aid Squad responded to emergencies throughout Harding, to residences, schools and businesses. During 2019, the Squad reintroduced its Hands-Only-CPR program which was attended by more than 70 residents.

Over the past few years, the First Aid Squad has lost several members due to retirement and relocation.  We are asking Harding residents to volunteer with the First Aid Squad in order to continue to provide the 24/7 level of excellent care our community has come to expect.  We urgently need new EMTs and drivers.  The Frist Aid Squad pays for any outside training and certification and also provides significant in-house training.  The skills learned are valuable both on and off duty.

Please join us now!  Serving Harding Township as a First Aid Squad member is an infinitely rewarding way to connect with your community and help those in critical need.


· Lotte Newlin 862-812-9997

· Larry Weppler 917-838-3332

· George Barry 646-361-5528

Or email us at this address: [email protected]

We are “Neighbors helping neighbors.”

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