Documenting this momentous and somber time

The Harding Township Historical Society is dedicated to preserving the history of our town. We are living through a momentous and somber time in our history. We would like you to help us document what is going on in your homes, your businesses, and our community. Documenting the daily struggles of our citizens, our students, our first responders, and our businesses will tell our story to future researchers, scholars, and future Harding residents.

These questions are made available to inspire you when writing about your time in quarantine.

• How did you learn about the virus and what to do about it?

• What adaptations did you have to make?

• What plans for the future did you have to change?

• What did you miss?

• How did this change your relationship with your family?

• How did you adapt your social activities to the quarantine?

• How did you entertain yourself?

• Did you learn anything new?

• Were you lonely and how did you handle it?

• How did your job change during quarantine?

• How did school change during quarantine?

• What do you think it will be like in the upcoming winter?

• What do you think it will be like in the future?

• What changes do you think are permanent?

• Did you learn anything from being in quarantine?

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