Hesna Pfeiffer Award for Civic Engagement To Help For Harding

Each year the Civic Association gives the Hesna Pfeiffer Award for Civic Engagement to an individual or group that demonstrated significant contributions of civic engagement and volunteerism.  Named after the long time editor of the Thumbnail, Hesna  was a key person not only for the Civic Association and all those who read the Thumbnail but Hesna always made time for the entire community.

At the February township committee meeting, the 2020 award was presented to Help for Harding.  Help for Harding is a volunteer group started by Elizabeth Sovolos at the onset of the pandemic to organize efforts to help our neighbors who could not run errands or fill medications and food orders.

Ms. Sovolos’s proactive efforts have been so well received that there are now over 75 volunteers staffing Help for Harding.  Ms. Sovolos accepted the award for the entire organization with her husband and small children looking on.

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