First Aid Squad

In early January, the First Aid Squad took delivery of its new ambulance. The old ambulance, purchased in 2003, was traded in for a newer rig with more modern, safer features. The new ambulance has enhanced lighting, airbags and safety belt harnesses, to keep EMT’s safe while treating the rig. The new harness type safety belts permit EMT’s to sit forward while treating the patient thus protecting the EMT’s and the patient in the event of a turn or lurch in the vehicle.

Exterior lighting will provide clearer and more explicit information about the ambulance’s intentions. Chevron lighting on the rear will warn oncoming vehicles of stops and turns the ambulance will be making. Front and side flashing lighting, along with reflective stripes along the sides will make the ambulance stand out and thus be safer. Improved LED lighting will enhance the EMTs’ ability to treat patients at the scene and in the ambulance. Newer and better electronics will help us reach patients quicker and will better support newer diagnostic and treatment equipment.

The First Aid Squad was able to purchase this new ambulance, at a cost of $220,000, through the generosity of New Vernon’s residents who have supported the all-volunteer First Aid Squad over its 48-year history. The New Vernon Volunteer Fire Department, of which the First Aid Squad is part, does not receive any Federal, State or local Township funding for the acquisition of its equipment or its operations.

What can you do to help? We of course need your continued financial support; the cost of the equipment that we must have available, much of which is mandated by State regulations, is very expensive. And it must be maintained. But we also need volunteers to be drivers and EMTs. There is an urgent need for EMTs. Many of our members will age out in a few years. Members move or they themselves become ill and can no longer volunteer. New members are needed to keep the New Vernon First Aid Squad vital and able to serve Harding 24/7 for the next 50 years. The First Aid Squad provides all training for its volunteers. Please join us now!

To volunteer, or learn more about the First Aid Squad, contact:

• Kevin Murphy (973)-570-7032
• Donna Gandy (908) 227-2773
• George Barry (646) 361-5528
Or email us at this address: [email protected]

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