Memorial Day Parade 2022

The Harding Township Civic Association will again be sponsoring the Memorial Day Parade and Ceremony. The parade and ceremony honor the sacrifice made by our service men and women who gave their lives for our country. In addition, Harding honors our local servicemen and women who have served in the military. During the ceremony veterans will be invited to stand and identify themselves, the branch and unit in which they served and their dates of service.
Larry Weppler, one of the organizers, said that after last year’s ceremony a Vietnam veteran told him that a child came up to him and “thanked him for his service.” The veteran said after the Vietnam war, people didn’t want to talk about Vietnam and it was heartwarming to have someone, such as this child, thank him for his service. This ceremony is Harding’s way to say “Thank You” to our veterans.
The parade which will feature fire trucks, antique cars, a marching band, horses and a dog to commemorate those service animals lost in war, many of the town’s civic organizations, and of course our children with their decorated bikes.
All civic organizations and groups are invited to participate in the Parade. The Harding Township Civic Association encourages marchers to wear red, white and blue in honor of our veterans. Those driving their cars are encouraged to decorate their vehicles with red, white and blue streamers.
Children are encouraged to decorate their bikes, scooters and wagons with red, white and blue streamers and other decorations. There will be a prize for the best decoration for children up to 7 years old and for those 7 years old and older.
Those intending to participate in the parade should assemble in the parking lot at the Harding Township School no later than 9:15 AM on Monday, May 30th. Our honored guests, Harding’s veterans, will again ride in a hay wagon symbolizing our agrarian background. All veterans planning on riding in the parade should arrive at the Harding School no later than 9:15 AM.

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