Composting Program Survey

The Harding Township Environmental Commission would like to find out how much community interest there would be in a food and organic material recycling program here in Harding. Household organic waste like food scraps that get thrown away with regular household trash produces significant amounts of methane as it rots in landfills. Our aim is to give residents a convenient, environmentally friendly alternative to reduce our trash, address climate change, and build healthy soil.
This survey will help us identify how many households would like to participate in a pilot compost drop-off program. Many of our neighboring towns, like Madison, Summit, Chatham, and Morristown, already have sites for residents to drop off their compostable waste… Harding could be next if we have enough households interested in participating! Please provide us with some basic information so we can assess the demand for such a program. The survey can be accessed at . Please feel free to email [email protected] with any questions or to be emailed a link to the survey that can be clicked on. The EC will keep you informed when and if we move forward with the program. Thank you for your time!

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